What to Expect on a Visit


Our Sunday worship service starts at 09:00 in the school hall.

You will find a small group of about 40 friendly Christians with what we consider a good ethnic mix (Approx 50/50 African/White).

The first half of the service is dedicated to worship.  Here we sing hymns to the Lord and one of the men will lead prayer during this time as well as briefly read some Scripture.  As part of our worship service we give an opportunity for our members to worship the Lord with their offerings/tithe but as a visitor, this is not expected of you.

Once a month we observe communion/Lord’s Table, open to anyone who is a born-again believer in Jesus Christ.

After the ‘first-half’, the Sunday School children leave us for one of the classrooms and the preacher will bring the message.  This is usually the Pastor but approximately once a month one of the men will bring God’s message to us.

Preaching is from the Authorized Version and usually expository.

After the message, we sing a hymn and join each other for tea and coffee on the stoep (veranda).  This is at approximately 10:30 and is a great time to get to know us.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.



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